Come join me on a weekend getaway to the great outdoors. From the Cascade range to the Dalles. I am always creating new trips and adventures. If a custom trip is more your style, would be happy to discuss and plan with you as well, just sign up below.


Upcoming Trips

What does a trip look like? What should you expect? Below is some basic descriptions of the trips. You can also check out the previous trips page as well to get a good idea.



Each trip has a custom menu with each participant in mind as well as the season. Creating and cooking different types of foods on these trips is one of my favorite parts. I try to accommodate all food allergies and intolerances, even took a request before, which turned out delicious.


Of course the main event of the trips is the hike. Some trips have multiple small hikes and some have a big one, like this one on Maple Pass Loop. I do always try to include a sunrise hike for those willing to get up early! On the hikes, we don’t worry about the pace as much as enjoy the scenery and take in Washington’s amazing landscapes. Some trips offer different mileage choices as I hope to bring as many types of people outside as I can!


The houses I rent for these trips usually have about 6 bedrooms and are near where we will be hiking. The goal is to have a communal space to relax, rejuvenate and have time to build a community of people. If it has a pool or hot tub, all the better!


Who comes on these trips? Anyone. There is no specific type of person, old, young, thin, not so thin. There are some women only trips as I identify as a women and as this is a women’s owned and operated business. I want to help build up and support other women on their life journey as well.

Starting this business I discovered a lot of prejudice on what types of people are guides. I am here to say, you don’t have to be “perfect” to follow your dreams. Most of us are busy and it need some time to take a break, breathe some fresh air and meet some other like minded people.


My name is Amy Anton. I am a wilderness first responder, CPR/first aid certified, leave no trace trainer along with being a wife, mother, runner, hiker, lover of travel and a Physician Assistant. I am a die hard weekend warrior and during covid felt the loss of community. One thing we could do was go outside. I created this business to help others plan travel and and even more gratifying is taking people outside and bringing back some of the community feeling.

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest hiking and camping around the San Juan Islands. Any chance I have, I am out doing and seeing something new! Come join me on this journey, or let me help you go on your own amazing adventures or check out my quick weekend getaway PDFs which making planning your own super easy.

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