Whitefish Montana

Family Winter Adventure, Whitefish Montana

Winter with The Fam in

Whitefish Montana

A truly amazing family getaway! To plan a trip for 7 on a ski adventure on a train is complicated. The experience on the overnight train through the mountains in the snow was unforgettable and worth all the planning!

The Train

TIP: if you have this many bags and people and the train only makes a quick stop…place them near the train to prevent a heart attack running back and forth!!

Luckily, we all got on, with our bags! Off to Whitefish!! Kids are great sports. They slept mostly the way there.

The snow was epic, though was very cold. We had an Ford Expedition rental at the train depot waiting for us and we were off to the hotel. The first day was a rest day, walking around town, figuring things out. I like to plan busy times and down times to help feel rested but also that you used your vacation wisely.

Next morning, rise and shine for full ski day! Some of the kids had lessons, others skied with us. We have one snowboarder in the group, had to be different… It is a very family friendly place. We have skied mostly Washington State and Whistler, but this was different. Heavy snow and lots of it! Lodges were comfortable, but not party vibe. There is a shuttle from the town if you don’t want to drive, but because we have 5 kids…we drove…

Sleigh Ride and Dinner

That evening, we drove out of town to https://cripplecreekrides.com/ for sleigh ride and dinner. They were so nice, kids loved the sleigh ride and were able to play in the snow. The tour takes you through their property to a canvas tent where dinner is served. I have to say, this was pre-Covid (so no masks), but what a great place to go and be with just your own group!

Of course, no ski trip isn’t complete without more skiing! We were able to ski another day, then the day prior to leaving went on another adventure!!

Beautiful Day For Some Dogsledding

Dog Sledding had to be the highlight of this trip. I can’t believe I found this place, basecampbigfork.com. It was located outside of town. They had such an amazing space and gave us our own private dog sled experience both my kids and myself will never forget!!

That night our train was leaving at 9 pm….unfortunately, with any super fun trip, there are things that you cannot anticipate. The train was extremely late, like four hours late. I don’t know about you, but sitting in a tiny train depot with 5 crabby kids at midnight sounded like a nightmare to me. We were able to book a cheap hotel room nearby and crash there and watch a movie, use the bathroom and hang out until our train finally came. It was an added cost, but only $100 and honestly, well worth it!!

How To Go Do Experience This Trip

Planning trips is a passion of mine and I almost find planning it is as much fun as going on it. I realize that I cannot go on an infinite amount of trips and would love to help other people and families find and plan a trip for them. Material things clutter up our lives, trips and memories can last forever and fill you with joy.

This is a sample itinerary for this trip. It can be tailored to your likes and desires, closer to ski resort for a little more money or farther away to save a little. If skiing isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other things to enjoy and many other places to discover. If full concierge service is desired, there would be confirmation numbers and exact timing. All the events would be booked and tailored for you.

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