Little Diamond Lake

Swim, Camp, explore Newport, WA

Weekend Getaway to

Little Diamond KOA

There are so many options with vacation now days; Airbnb, VRBO, yurts, camping, hotels, ect. Where to you go and what type of accommodations do you pick? Will my family like it? Will I like it? These can be hard questions, especially with restrictions and trying to be safe.

Camping Became A Really Important Option This Year

With camping, it is easier to be socially distant without too much hassle. I cannot lie though. Planning this was hard. I waited till the last minute to find a place for Labor Day!! Many hours were spent scouring the internet as I had no idea where to go. I was surprised to find somewhere that was open and available, and ended up being better than I could have imaged. …. Little Diamond Lake KOA.

There campground has a great dock for fishing, watching sunsets as well as a jumping off spot if you are 11! There is also a great hike around it that is pretty easy going and flat.


The pool was the highlight of the campground in September! Covid rules required reservations, but we lined up early in the morning and were able score a session with just our family (bonus of having a million kids).

The lake also offered swimming, kayak rental during non covid times, and what I loved most, FLOATING! Found some great floating chairs on amazon, great for getting wet, but not totally submerged!

The next morning, we headed off for Lake Coeur d’Alene for a cruise around the lake We were a bit early, so had a great lunch at Tito’s Italian. The lake is huge, was a great day and drinks were not so bad either!

This was a great getaway, inexpensive and really relaxing. With 5 kids, you are probably wondering where we put them all… Well, we have a Winnie drop and two tents, 3 in one and 2 in the other. Works great! The trailer acts as our main hub for food and storage (and when it rains to watch a movie), otherwise it’s camping for the kiddos.

Have to admit, on our way home, we hit a huge dust storm and the freeway was closed. We had to find a campground with a hotel attached and camp out the for night, but honestly, was a great side trip. We all crammed into the trailer and watched a movie on DVD and ate hot dogs! Have to improvise sometimes.

Here is the itinerary for this trip with links to koa and cruise page. Was a great trip in the summertime, but could see this being great year round.

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