Key West

Key West Weekend, No Kids

Key West, FL

When you have a babysitter, take advantage of it.

A lot of couples make the mistake of not taking time away for just yourselves. It is so important to do this so you can remember why you liked this person in the first place. Life is short and I love traveling with kids, but everyone needs an adult vacation every once in awhile and three days away can be so refreshing.


After our red eye flight seattle to Miami, we hit a great little breakfast place called Threefold. There was a Barnes and Nobles across the street and my husband was thrilled. After grabbing some sunglasses and … um…books, we headed out to the Florida Keys, about a 3 hour drive.

Kayaking and Pelicans

Half way down the keys we stopped for some kayaking, the original plan was kayaking to Indian island, 20 min trip, with touring and snorkeling. Unfortunately the weather had other plans. Gotta go with the flow and adjust and kayaking through a mangrove tunnel was really fun. I love pelicans and there were plenty to keep us company! We pulled into Key West at sunset. Perfect timing.

Even though the wind blew too much for snorkeling, the sky was blue and the quintessential landmark was seen. The chickens stole the show in Key West and the sunset cruise was unforgettable. (Wind and Wine tour & there was plenty of both)

The Trip Is Not Over Yet

The drive back up the keys was just as nice. We stopped at Marathon and found a beach that was on the east side of the island, opposite side of the wind. As we sat enjoying the beach, to our amazement, two dolphins just swam by close to the shoreline.

Did the trip go perfectly? No. Rarely do things go perfect. With a little flexibility, it turned out awesome. The planning gets you there to enjoy it, but no one can control the weather and Covid restrictions. There was plenty to do and be safe, just had to have a back up plan!

Below is a sample itinerary for this trip. Travel costs change daily, sometimes by the minute, but this was a reasonable cost trip as it only included two nights stay with the red eye flight. Again, the cost can be higher if you want to fly straight into Key West, be civilized and fly during the day or skip the rental car. Where to stay and eat is a big factor as well.

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