Amazing Waterfall Hike with Kids

Wallace Falls

Hiking With Kids

In Washington State, there are so many hikes and many waterfalls. Which one to pick? Can I do it? Will my kids whine the whole way?? These are my questions every time I suggest a hike. In fact, I have to admit, I only brought one kid on this hike to vet it before bringing the Fam!

This is an extremely popular hike, so there is no way you will be alone, but there are multiple areas to stop and rest on this trail as well as great signage so you know how far you are commiting to!

Where is Wallace Falls & How Do I Get There

It is located in Gold Bar, only 54 min from Fall City or 57 min from Seattle. If you are coming from Eastern Washington it will be just over Stevens Pass. It is a very small town, but has a few restaurants right on the highway to choose from. The parking lot is large, but even at 9 am it was full, and we parked on the side of road and walked to the trailhead.

Did We Make It?

Well, actually no. My hiking partner, 13 year old, did not want to go to the upper falls view, but we did hit the main mid falls viewpoint (total of 4.89 miles round trip). It was amazing. There was plenty of water in early spring to make this amazing! The trail was not too hard either. I am definitely bringing my whole family next time.

Can You Make It More?

Yes! If you plan ahead, there are multiple options to make this a weekend getaway. They have 5 cabins, 2 with ADA ramps. There also is backcountry camping available at Wallace Lake and Jay Lake. I would love to plan a backpacking trip, probably with just my husband though. For a little more comfort there is Wallace Falls Lodge, which is just a short walk to the trailhead.

All and all this was one of my favorite hikes, even with the other people, dogs and kids. The earlier you arrive, the more likely you will find a parking spot, but that didn’t really deter us. I actually think this would be a great sunset hike!

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