Why Choose This Trip?

Getting outside, meeting new people and pushing yourself to try new things can lead to both physical and mental wellness. Life can be busy and move by quickly without us even noticing. Sometimes taking a break is all one needs. What better way then to pack a bag and let someone else take care of the rest. Dash Away Trips provides all inclusive adventure weekend getaways with fresh, local foods prepared for you with all dietary restrictions taken into account. Transportation is provided along with all the planning needed to provide a great weekend getaway. So pack your bag, grab your hiking shoes and leave your worries for awhile.

How my story started. I grew up sailing in the San Juan Islands, camping, hiking and spending most of my time outside in Washington State. After moving to Michigan for college, I realized the world was bigger and different and I liked it. I graduated and moved back home and took every opportunity I could to travel, even if money was tight. I have managed to see Zurich, Dublin, London, Barcelona, The Bahamas, St Lucia, Canada and most, but not all of the US states. My day job is a Physician Assistant and love doing that but I also enjoy bringing others to nature and sharing my passion with the outdoors with hiking, camping, running and skiing.

Where do you want to go? Email ideas for future group adventures!